You made it to the last week - get ready to graduate as an expert in online tools for ESL/EFL civic engagement youth projects!

Your Moderators are Daniela Munca & Marina Chirnitcaia


Week 5: Wrap-up

During this week, you will
  • collect various resources, links, and materials related to civic engagement youth projects
  • elaborate a Webquest which integrates several online tools and aims to encourage student civic participation
  • share and discuss your own ideas for integrating online civic engagement projects in class
  • reflect on the tools you have experimented with and come up with ideas how these can be applied in your teaching practices
  • revisit the online tool list
  • comment on each other’s posts / projects / lesson plans ideas
  • complete an online evaluation about your experience

ReflectionCycleMobiles14.jpgTask 1: Session Reflection
Post your answers to the questions below on our Google+ Week 5 discussion thread
  • What were your favorite online tools so far? Why?
(Tools list on our Tutorials wiki webpage, also check our Listly and Linoit collections posted in Week 1 and 3)
  • Which civic engagement student work samples did you find especially inspiring?
(World Bank submissions, iEARN projects)
  • What presentations/projects/movies/slideshows/blogs posted by your colleagues impressed you most? Why?
(Check our Participants wikispaces webpage and Google+ posts)
  • How will you use the information learned in this session in the classes you teach or will teach? Give examples.

Publication1.jpgTask 2: Weebly project
1. During Week 1 you were asked to create a Weebly (one of the best educational websites according to Times) account and post the link on our Participnts profiles wiki webpage - update it using all the new acquired skills and resources learned about Week 1 through Week

2. Your Weebly profile could look like a teacher online portfolio (and include sections like: my favourite tools, my favourite readings, my favourite civic engagement project ideas, etc) or like a website you would use in class with your students (which woulod include your syllabus, students profiles, assignments, suggested readings, etc).

c. Comment on at least three other Weebly websites created by your colleagues by posting your impressions on Google+ Week 5 discussion thread.

webquest2.jpgTask 2: Create a lesson plan focused on a civic engagement student project using WebQuests

a) Explore the “I Am Citizen, Hear Me Roar! Participating in Democracy through Blogging
webquest created by Chanell Stout, GSLIS: University Of Illinois At Urbana-Champaign

Explore these webquests and chose one you like best:

b) Watch the “Webquest 101” Youtube video and browse through the Concept to Classroom website. Post your answers to the questions below on our Google+ group:

c) Create a webquest which would follow the format below (Step by Step format):

Choose one of the online tools below:
a) Zunal
b) Createwebquest
c) Teachnology

d) Post your webquest link in our Google+ group and the Participants Profile page

e) Write comments to at least 3 webquests created by your colleagues and posted in Week 5 and Participants Profiles.

Task 3: Evaluate the Session by Filling Out This Evaluation Form
Please let us know about your experience taking this course by filling out this evaluation form .
We appreciate your time and dedication!

Task 6: Attend our Webinar "Sharing Your Experience"

We invite Electronic Village Online 2014 participants to take the microphone and share what you have done, learned, and/or produced during the past 5 weeks.

Where: Blackboard Collaborate


When: Sunday, February 16

Time: 1400 - 1600 GMT

We look forward to seeing you there!

The EVO 2014 Coordination Team