Week 4: Effectively using Facebook for ESL/EFL civic engagement youth project

Irina Pomazanovsci and Larisa Guzun,
English Teaching Resource Center Co-directors


By the end of the 4th week you will:
- join our project Facebook group for online discussion
- learn about new ways to integrate Facebook in civic engagement projects
- explore civic engagement projects implemented by English Teaching Resource Center
- experiment with online brainstorming tools
- generate a word cloud to address a civic issue using http://www.tagxedo.com/
- post pictures or posters addressing a civic issue

Task 1 Let's explore ways in which Facebook could be used in the classroom

a) Join the FACEBOOK group Online Tools for Civic Engagement
(Video tutorial: How to Find and Join Groups in Faceboo)
b) Browse through the "100 ways you should be using Facebook in your classroom" article.
c) Have you learned about any new Facebook applications for teachers and resources for students? Put together at least 3 examples and create a Padlet wall:

- Padlet tutorial

- Padlet sample collections

d) Post your Padlet collection of Facebook tools on the Facebook group page (See snapshot below - use the ”share on Facebook” option on Padlet)

Padlet on Facebook.jpg

d) Download and read Leah A. Murray's article: "//Effectively Using Facebook toFoster Civic Engagement//"
e) Post the answers on the Facebook group page.

- How was Facebook used to foster students civic engagement? (page 9)
- How many times did students have to interact on Facebook?
- How was New York Times connected to the Facebook project?
- What do the charts on page 11 and 14 demonstrate?

Task 2

b) Explore the English Teaching Resource Center website – www.etrc.md– find issues/projects of civic engagement discusses or presented at ETRC sessions.
c) Choose a project that you like the most. Explain your choice. What were the objectives of the project? How could this project be adapted to your teaching environment, to your class?
d) Post your comments on our FACEBOOK page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/595729433827755/

Task 3

a) Read the comments of other participants and comment on at least 3 posts.
b) Choose an issue of civic engement that you would like to address, brainstorm it. Some of the online brainstorming tools might be very helpful here, explore this article for extra information: http://mashable.com/2013/09/25/mind-mapping-tools/

Task 4

tagxedo_week4.pnga) When you got all your ideas, use them to generate a word cloud with the help of http://www.tagxedo.com/. This tool allows you to give any shape to your word cloud – choose the shape that is closer to the issue you want to address. For example, when the notion of Moldovan culture was addressed the word cloud you can see on your left was used: it presents the ideas that make Moldova famous around the world. Use this tool to create your own: http://www.tagxedo.com/
b) Video tutorial that might be helpful at this stage:

c) Publish your word cloud poster on our facebook group.
d) Browse through word clouds of other members of the group, comment on at least 3.

Task 5

Round-up – Evaluating Week 4. All day discussion/chatting (join us anytime – due to hour differences) on the Facebook page. All the participants will have to comment on the usefulness of the project and the reliability of its implementation in class.

End of the week self check:

I have…

· Joined the FACEBOOK group Online Tools for Civic Engagement;

· Created and posted on facebook page a padlet about facebook applications useful for teachers/students

· Posted my answers to the questions about Leah A. Murray's article: "//Effectively Using Facebook toFoster Civic Engagement//" on the Facebook group page

· Explored and chosen a civic engagement project presented at the English Teaching Resource Center website – www.etrc.md

· Commented on one of ETRC projects on facebook group page

· Read and commented on at least 3 comments of other participants in the group

· Chosen and brainstormed a civi engagement issue

· Created a word cloud that summarizes the main points of the chosen issue with the help of http://www.tagxedo.com/

· Posted my word cloud on facebook group page

· Commented on word clouds of other participants

· Discussed the usefulness of the project – facebook discussion