Week 3: Developping an ESL/EFL civic engagement lesson plan
Moderators: Olga Morozan, Daniela Munca-Aftenev


  1. To get familiar with a series of civic engagement projects and civic engagement project communities to analyze the possible project themes, planning stages, outcomes, etc.

  2. To develop a Civic Engagement Project, following a Project Template;

  3. To create an online story book, using www.kerpoof.com platform.

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iEARN Final Publications

http://www.iearn.org/circles/2013session1/index.htm -final publications
http://www.iearn.org/circles/2012session2/index.htm -final publication (September, 2012- January, 2013)
http://www.iearn.org/circles/2012session1/index.htm- January-May, 2012

iEARN Project Idea Template

  • Learning Circle Group:
  • Sponsoring Teacher:
  • Sponsor School:
  • City:
  • Country:
  • Name of Project:
  • Goal Of The Project:
  • Type Of Writing Requested:
  • Description Of What You Are Looking For From Other Schools:
  • Questions:
  • Story Prompts:
  • Detailed Instructions For Collecting Information:
  • Ideal Number Of Submissions From Each School:
  • Preferred Length Of Articles:
  • Deadline For Receiving Information (Circle deadline is December 8, 2013):


descărcare (1).jpgWeek Checklist: Did you….?

descărcare.jpg 1. analyze 6 examples of civic engagement projects and identify their comprising elements, such as target problems, goals,beneficiaries, partners, stages, finalities? Did you post your comments on Google+ Week 3 discussion thread?

images (2).jpg 2. get familiar with 2 online project communities and actual projects provided by each of them?

1210ap-community.jpg 3. develop a civic engagement project addressed to students’ community needs, based on cultural and social peculiarities and post the link on Google+ Week 3 discussion thread and Participants Profile on project wiki?

images (3).jpg 4. create an online story book on www.kerpoof.com and post the link on Google+ Week 3 thread and Participants Profile on project wiki?