Week 1 Introducing ourselves and getting acquainted with "online civic engagement project"concept

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During this first week, you will:
  • become familiar with the group online working platforms (wiki and Google+)
  • read the moderatrs profiles and create your own online portfolio on Weebly
  • introduce yourselves and begin to e stablish connections with each other on Google+
  • introduce yourselves on a separate Wikipsaces webpage for particiopants
  • attend a live online session with moderators

Task 1

1) Add your name, location and a short profile (profile picture, job, school, etc) to our project Zeemap (see the Add button in the upper right corner of the map): we want to see where all our participants come from. (Learn how to complete this task on our **Tutorial** page).

2) Join our Google+ community (your membership will need to be approved by the moderators).
Learn more about Google+ from our Tutorial page.
  • This is where our discussions will take place and where you will post your completed tasks.
  • Every week will have its own Google+ "hangout" grouped by theme, so if you are behind schedule, just go back and forward as you may find appropriate.
  • Post your assignments and questions in the specific discussion thread to facilitate our virtual communication

3) Set up a profile on Google+ ( Learn more about Google+ from our Tutorial page)

4) Once your membership is approved and your profile is created, please post an introduction message by answering these 3 questions in the Week 1 chat group:

- what is your name and job title?
- where do you come from?
- what do you teach at the moment?
- what has been your most memorable teaching experience?
- why have you chosen the "Online tools for EFL/ESL civic engagement projects for youth" course?

5) By the end of Week 1 please leave a comment to at least 3 other participants' introductory message onGoogle+ Week 1. This will help us get to know each other better and share our teaching profiles within the group.
Task 2
Time to play! You are going to explore a wonderul resource for teachers: iCivics.org., Citizens and Particiation section especially designed for teachers. Play the games listed below and let us know what you think: would your students become better citizens if you integrate this website in your lesson plans? How exactly?
icivics.pnga) Activate: Do you have a great idea about how to make positive change in your community? In Activate, you campaign for an issue of your choice. Manage your resources well and grow your organization from a few friends to a national movement!
b) Responsibility Launcher:
Have you ever wanted to knock some civic sense into someone? In Responsibility Launcher, you can ... You'll remind citizens that their civic duties aren't just responsibilities, they help get things done!
c) Immigration Nation: Do you know how people become citizens of the United States? In Immigration Nation, you'll find out as you guide newcomers along their path to citizenship.

Task 3

Post your impressions about iCivics in our Google+ group, Week 1:

- which game did you enjoy most?
- do you think the website is an effective tool to introduce students to the concept of civic engagement?
- how would you integrate it into your classroom?

Task 4

Please fill out the REGISTRATION SURVEY about your classroom setting and previous experience with online tools.
This task is very important as it will help us set a good pace for this session.
(If you would like to create your own survey using Google Docs and use it in class with your students, check the tutorial we posted on our Tutorials webpage)

Task 5

Please check our moderators profiles they have a lot of experience in teaching EFL/ESL through online civic engagement projects. Each week, you will get to learn from them live, as they share their expertise and experiences in Google Hangout Sessions will be recorded, and the recordings shared on YouTube, in case you can not attend.

Task 6

Please create a similar profile and save it on our wiki Participants Profiles webpage: include photo or avatar and a brief description of what you teach and what your interests are. (Learn how to add information to a wiki page from our Tutorials webpage).

Task 7

Open a Weebly account (we will send you an invitation by email): this is going to be your online teaching portfolio (Details on how to use Weebly on our Tutorials page) - by the end of Week 5, you will collect all the online tools you learned during the session, lesson plan ideas, useful resources and post everything on your Weebly website.

Post your Weebly profile link on the Particiants webpage on our wiki.

Task 8
Attend our Live Online Session with our very special guest:David Jesse, American Councils Moldova Country Director, Fulbright, former Peace Corps volunteer, Co-founder: DEka Int'l, netForza, Explore Moldova!, Outdoor Leadership Center.
Time & Date: Sunday, January 19, 12.00 pm (+GMT).
Check your local GMT time http://wwp.greenwichmeantime.com/gmt-converter/time-zones/index.htm. See you all online!
Live Session URL: Google Hangout (you will be invited to join the session through Google+)

Weekly Checklist

checklist.jpgHave you....

  • added your name, location and a short profile (profile picture, job, school, etc) to our project Zeemap?

    · joined the Google+ Community,posted your introductory messageand left a comment to at least three other participants ?

    · explored iCivics.org and posted your opinion in Week 1 on Google+?

    · taken the survey?

    · read the moderators profiles ?

    · posted your profiles on the Participants wikispaces page?

    · created a Weebly account and posted the link on the Participants wikispace page?

    · attended the live hangout session with moderators or watch the recording on Youtube?

Tools we recommend this week: