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Best regards from Moldova! My name is Daniela Munca-Aftenev and I am one of the moderators of this EVO session. I had taught English for almost 10 years, starting with pre-K and most recently, college students. I am an iEARN master teacher and eTwinning trainer and I coordinate various exchange programs administered by American Councils in Moldova. I implemented various community development projects which I would like to tell you about during these 5 weeks. I speak Romanian, Russian, English and French and my favorite free time activity is playing with my 1.8 year old daughter.
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Mr. Abu Saleh Md. Rafi is a PhD Candidate at the University of New England Australia. He is specializing in Language-in-Education Policy of Bangladesh.
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Hello from the heart of Moldova - Chisinau! I am Tatiana Popa. It is the first time I am participating in the EVO sessions, and I already like it! I love learning new information about teaching. I got my Master of Arts (English Philology) at Moldova State University. I am a lifelong learner, taking various online courses (Coursera, eTwinning, iEARN, Deutsche Welle), thus building my PLN. I teach English at a High School in Chisinau (secondary and high school students). I speak Romanian, Russian, English and German. I enjoy reading books in my free time,reading/listening/playing with my 3 year old daughter. I want to learn more about project-based learning, in order to create and run interesting and valuable projects with my students.
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My name is nour-eddine laouni. I'm from Morocco. I’ve been teaching English since 1994 in so many high schools . I’ve also served for so many years as teacher trainer in Teachers’ Training Centers and a trainer in so many national and international projects in the use of ICT in the field of education, training, and professional development. I managed several training workshops on PBL - educational projects with so many schools , NGOs and International Centers both at the national and international level like British Council , USAID and Iearn. I’m an Iearn Master teacher since 2000 (International Education and Resource Network: ( I’m also a webhead – member of (communities of practice online ( since 2008. I’ve served since 2003 the General Secretary - in change of communication for MEARN – an affiliate of Iearn ( I’m now the President of the same association. I’ve joined this group to learn more about PBL and connect with colleagues from other countries for future joint work on online collaborative projects.
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My name is Issa Cissokho. I am from Dakar/Senegal (West Africa). I am currently a teacher trainee and I am teaching English in a high school in my country. I have completed a master's degree in American Literature and Civilization, I'm also about to complete a professional master's degree in Educational Sciences in the ESL/EFL Department (FASTEF/Cheikh Anta Diop University). I'm an e.teacher Alumni from the E.teacher Scholarship Program and I have educational knowledge in integrating technology into the classroom. I have a strong propensity for online courses, I am familiar to WiziQ, edX, and Shaping the way we teach English. I am happy to have discovered EVO and nice to meet all of you.
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I am Stael Ruffinelli from Asunción-Paraguay. It´s a underdeveloped country and we are still isolated in terms of technology due to the lack of access to the rest of the world. I have my master in Education from the Universtiy of Alabama. I have been in the teaching of English field for more than 30 years. I run my own language school and I am highly interested in learning about project based learning and work collaborately with other countries. I am specially interested in the level of High School for this course. We have English classes three times a week for 80 minutes. I need to learn a lot about online tools in order to start implementing them with our students. I am familiar with WiziQ too and have been following Shaping the Way We teach English. I am famliar with Edmodo and some other platforms. I worked with Autralia through Edmodo. I am also familiar with Animoto, voicthread and some other tools. It seems that some of you have already experiece in project based learning. I am really looking forward to learn from all of you. I believe this course will help me a lot to design comunity and world wide projects.

Greetings from Serbia!

My name is Marija Lukac (Maria will do) and I teach General and Business English in a small town High School. I do some teacher training workshops and I presented in a Macedonian and Slovenian ELT conference once. The only online professional development I've had is an seminar seminar by the British Council and some occasional free webinars.

This is my first website ever, and there is nothing there yet. I just opened it for our seminar, but if all goes well, I will use it later with students.

My name is Arfan Lodhi. I am lecturer and professional trainer at a university in Pakistan. Besides that I am engaged in Access English Microscholarship Program and teachers trainer program of US State Department. I am very much interested in knowing and using new technology in ESL classroom.
Iave done some professional development courses from UMBC and Iowa State university, USA. Teachers can be the bridge of inter-cultural and cross-cultural harmony. I wish to become a part of such innovative and dedicategroup of teachers.
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My name is Marie-Hélène Fasquel.
I'm an ESL teacher (high school) and didactics and ICT instructor and teacher trainer (university and teachers).
I'm an eTwinning ambassador and Microsoft expert educator. I love ICT and task based projects and am implementing some with 15 + 7 colleagues from different countries. I'm experimenting the flipped classroom and the gamification of my classes.
my weebly website (which I'll adapt):
and so many more!

I am Moumita De Roy from India. I work as a freelance english teacher. I love freelancing because it doesn't bind one to one place and one can work at various places for various levels simultaneously. This keep the variety up and makes life less monotonous. My career started with teaching the students of std I and II. I have taught literature and grammar to college students who were graduating. I have taught business communication to students of MBA and BBA. I have also taught students preparing for highly competitive exams. Now i teach tribal students under English Access Microscholarship Program. This course has been a turner in my life. It has introduced me to learner-centric activity oriented teaching. I enjoy my Access classes. I also write papers on 'evolution as a teacher' and submit to my teacher trainer. This is a very interesting and learning experience for me because when I write i see myself from various angles and question the logic of what i do in the classes.

Greetings from Argentina. My name is Nestor Lopez and it is my first time taking part in the EVO courses. I am a translator from the Faculty of Languages – Universidad Nacional de Cordoba - and I have been teaching English in High School for the last 20 years. I also work as a free lance translator, a thing I really like, but teaching is one of my passions. I am taking this EVO course because I want to integrate technology into the classroom especially for High School students. I am interested in learning how to use new technology and teach and apply it in the classroom. About me, I took part in many World Congresses in my city – For the Helen Keller institute, Allergy and Immunology organized by the UNC, and many others- I was always in charge of the English part of the congresses. I also translated a couple of novels. I am the Head department teacher of my school and we are constantly organizing projects to incentivise our students. I am taking this course because I want to learn and share things with my teachers colleges from other countries and share our experiences and learn from other teacher’s experiences as well.

Greetings from Moldova/ Germany!
I am Anna Cijevschi and attend the 12th grade of a German high school. Currently I am staying in my home country Moldova for a work experience at American Councils Moldova. Unlike the rest of you, I am not a real teacher, but I think of becoming one after I finish school! I have been giving private tuition to students younger than me for one and a half years now. At the moment I have three students from grades 7-9 whom I teach Spanish, sometimes also English and German. I speak Russian and German- which I grew up with-, Spanish and English -which I take as advanced courses at school-, and some French.
This is my first experience with online courses. I am eager to learn from all of you!
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Greetings from Senegal. My name is Omar Dione. I am an EFL teacher and a former participant in the Fullbright Foreign Student Program. I got a B.A. in Linguistics and a TESOL Certificate in 2007(USA) , a Middle School Teaching Certificate and an M.A. degree in 2008 (Senegal). I have been teaching for six years. Now I am doing an in-service training at FASTEF(Senegal) in order to get a High School Teaching Certificate. Though this is my first experience with online tools, I hope to successfully complete the five-week session.